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An assessment at the Phoenix centre is where you will come (along with your parents/carers) and meet with a small team of specialists to think about your current situation. We will consider what the best way of moving you forward may be, which will lead to a recommendation from our Consultant as to the what treatment path is most suitable for you. A diagnosis may also be provided if possible and/or appropriate.

There are two common outcomes from an assessment: It is either recommended that you will benefit from an inpatient or day patient admission to the Phoenix Centre, or that you will benefit from receiving services from your Community CAMH team (with the possibility of support from our Outreach worker).

The following people are likely to be at your assessment: you, your parents/carers, the Consultant, a Medical doctor and a member of our Nursing team.

After introductions have been made, and a brief outline and purpose of the assessment has been explained to you and your parents/carers, you will all have the opportunity to speak to the Consultant about your situation. You will then have the opportunity to meet with Consultant without your parents/carers present. Following this, the assessment team may meet alone to discuss what the best options are for you. You and your parents/carers will then be asked to rejoin the assessment team to discuss the recommendations that have been made.

You will be weiged as part of the assessment, so that the Consultant can take this information into consideration during the meeting. It is extremely rare that you would be admitted straight after an assessment. If it is decided that an admission to the Phoenix centre is the most appropriate course of action, then you will normally have a week or so before your bed/place becomes available.

We realise that you may have questions about your assessment that have not been answered here. Take a look at our FAQs page for more information on assessment and admission.


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